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What do our customers say about StrategiTest?


"We wanted to identify our areas of development in our

strategy processes and then entering into a closer dialogue about which recommendations from the Strategy Test report we must implement.


Concretely, we have gained an overall realization that we must be more structured by using a strategic  year wheel, so that our strategy work enters into a more appropriate structure in relation to the phases of the strategy process.

In addition, the Strategy test report has clearly shown us that we can advantageously look at phase 3 in a much more nuanced way and make a clear division between implementation and execution.

The review of our Strategy Test report facilitated by Flemming, the subsequent dialogue and reflection makes very good sense to us and we have gained a much better understanding of the areas in which we can become more skilled."

Jan Hesselund

CEO, Billund Airport A/S

"In connection with our strategy work, we have used StrategiTest to optimise and evaluate our current strategy.


The report from StrategiTest, which we have received based on our completed questionnaire, provides good input for the process that we will go through in the coming time.


The pedagogical structure of the report, where you are taken by the hand and go through the various elements of the strategy process in a structured and visual way, is particularly useful. It is straightforward and clear to draw conclusions from the report in relation to scores in the individual focus areas.In other words, it is easy to conclude where things are going well and where they need to be tightened up. 


In addition, it is great to receive a report that contains concrete tools that can be used immediately. In addition, we took the opportunity for a follow-up sparring meeting, which served as a good conclusion, where we got answers to the questions we encountered during the process. 


All in all, a very positive experience that can definitely be used as a positive game changer when evaluating and optimising the strategy work." 



Jesper Klith

Director, KAAS Stålbyg A/S

"StrategiTest has been a very useful tool for us to evaluate our management of the strategy process.

With StrategiTest, we were presented with a very precise and structured questionnaire, followed by an overview report that was thorough and usable immediately - in the ideal world, also time-saving and easy to understand.

In my view, these are valuable inputs that any company can use when working to test and optimise how well the strategy process is actually going.

I can therefore highly recommend StrategiTest to all companies that are consciously working to optimise their strategy processes."


Peter Møller Lassen
CEO, Innosurge A/S

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