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Senior advisor and business partner in the field of board and strategy.

For more than 25 years, I have worked with boards, strategy, recruitment and organisational and management development. The work has been in many types of companies and industries. In addition, I have extensive experience in developing large and small organisations from C25 companies to SMV owner-managed businesses.

My extensive practical experience has been supplemented with an MBA in strategic management and a programme in chairman and board work from Aarhus University.


​Experiences in board work:

  •     Chairman of the board of Svane Køkken Holstebro    A/S.

  •     Board member in Scanpan A/S.

  •     Former Chairman of the Board in OP-FLOW ApS.

  •     Former board member in Konkret HR A/S.

Experience as an entrepreneur & self-employed:

  • Over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur & self-employed.

  • Co-founder/co-owner of Konkret HR A/S.

  • Founder and owner of Engstrup ApS.

  • Former founder/co-owner of OP-FLOW ApS.

  • Founder and owner of StrategiTest ApS

Strategy, management and HR experience gathered in the same person

You can also read more about me and my other services at

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